ZT280 C71 for "Hobbyists Only"?

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Q&A' started by kanofworms, Nov 8, 2012.

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    ZT280 C71
    Preface: Just recently upgraded my cell phone (the now collector's item, a blackberry) to an Android Samsung Illusion. Poo poo'd the idea of an iPhone cuz the owner's manual was thicker than my ultrabook! ~ I've got simple needs.

    So, very much the newbie here when it comes to tablets. I've been reading lots of forum about my ZT280 C71. Many of the seasoned owners suggest that this tablet is really designed for the "hobbyist". I read about rooting, upgrades, firmware, ICS, mods--oooo, what the heck might that mean to me in laymen terms?

    Honestly, just wanted a tablet to access a few websites on the road, a place to stick my prepaid verizon dongle into, and a screen to watch movies on some upcoming cross-country flights. Should I have just bought a Galaxy Tab and called it a day?

    Did I over-buy?


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