ZTE Light Plus Android 2.3 tablet Coming Soon in Europe

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    Another Android tablet from ZTE has been revealed in Europe, with the ZTE Light Plus getting a similar “hands on” treatment to the one the ZTE Light Pro received last week. The Light Plus is a more advanced model internally, coming with Android 2.3.3 onboard and a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8255 processor.

    The 7″ screen runs at a slightly disappointing resolution of 800×480, but it is capacitive and…


    …according to French site GPS and Co, ZTE says the Light Plus will arrive for an unsubsidised price of under €250 – which is about £220 at today’s exchange rates. Not bad, but odd that even the mighty ZTE can’t undercut the Advent Vega when it comes to making a capacitive tablet.

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