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    Hi I bought a allwinner tablet. It is not responsive. It is self clicking, typing. I wiped the disk and cache. Didn’t help. Anyone run into it? Thanks.
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    Get A23 Screen To Work (Without Mouse)

    Hi again, I don't know if I reported this before, but I discovered that the touch screen issue only exists when the system is up and running. It does not exist in recovery mode, i.e. the touch screen works in recovery but not when the system is fully loaded. I also found that a mouse, attached...
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    Need The Right Firmware

    Hi, I'm thinking of reinstalling the OS on my Allwinner A23, since I cannot get the screen to respond; but I'm not sure which, if any, is the right one on this website Allwinner A23 T739 Stock Firmware ROM (Flash File) As far as I can tell, I have an: Allwinner A23 (dual core) Android...
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    Allwinner A33 10" Tablet App Crashing Issue

    Hey I've recently purchased a couple of these tablets from China for my kids, but for some reason all the apps installed, crash after a few seconds. i.e. minecraft, roblex etc. I've cleared the cache and done a system re-format but nothing is working. Please can anyone help? Thank you for...
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    Rom for Point of View Mobii 747B

    Hi, I'm looking for the stock rom for the Point of View Mobii 747B POINT OF VIEW Mobii 747B - Full phone specification - 1024x600px (7.0") 8 GB 1 GB RAM Memory Android 5.1 Allwinner A33 Cortex A7 1200.0 MHz (4-core) ARM Mali-400 MP2 350.0 MHz (2-core) mainboard: efercro mq88_mb...