android tablet not working

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    Locked on Bootscreen Kyoto M700A MID Tablet

    Hello all, Have been given a duff tablet to try and sort out. It's a Kyoto M700A MID (chinese iPad knock off) & it is locked on the boot up screen with "Kyoto" and the build number etc in the bottom right corner. Android OS - 2.2 Kernel - 2.6.32 Build Number - V1.5.0 I have attempted to lift...
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    Connected to wifi but doesn't work.

    So I have a Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 and it was working all nice and everything and now it doesn't let me watch YouTube, or do anything that needs a internet connection. I read up on some stuff on this website and I set my time and dates correctly, and it still does not work. I do have a rooted tablet...