1. S

    Tablet Won't Charge

    Hello, I have an ASUS TF300T and it won't charge. I tried the trickle charge(8 hours overnight using cell phone charger at 5V at 1amp and computer USB 8 hours). I have eliminated the charger/brick being the issue since I was able to charge the dock no issue. I also tried charging the tablet with...
  2. L

    Samsung Tab S 10.5 - Very Slow To Charge/Doesn't Hold

    Hi! I hope you guys can help me! My Tab S is REALLY slow to charge - can be left on it's charger all night and only increases percentage charge by 4-6% - if it's unplugged it decreases rapidly and even just looking at FB or Gmail whilst it's plugged in causes a decrease in charge. Means this...
  3. jordan1998

    Battery Replacement

    ok so strictly speaking its not a tablet but a friend told me to try here. so of october last year i purchased a samsung s6 clone and up untill now its been 100%. last week i noticed a bubble apear in the screen and found it to be the battery expanding in the back. it is connected by 3 wires but...
  4. D

    Tablet Suddenly Not Charging/Turning On

    I have had my tablet for several months now with no charging issues, drops, scratches, etc. Two nights ago i left the tablet running a youtube video at about 5% to go get a glass of water. when i came back the tablet was off, so i assumed it was dead and left it to charge overnight. Come morning...
  5. L

    Screen unresponsive after changing battery

    Hi, I had to finally change my battery last night, (it was a pita) and when I powered it up, the screen was unresponsive. I tried to power down, but even though the screen goes black, within seconds you can hear the vibration and then the start up screen. The screen remains unresponsive. I...