Battery Replacement


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Jan 21, 2016
ok so strictly speaking its not a tablet but a friend told me to try here.
so of october last year i purchased a samsung s6 clone and up untill now its been 100%.
last week i noticed a bubble apear in the screen and found it to be the battery expanding in the back.
it is connected by 3 wires but was thinking the white may possibly be a ground so i could connect the black to the negitive and solder a wire to the port of the third wire
the batter was a single cell 3.8v 1600mah battery
can anyone recommend a replacement and if needed a picture can be supplied
thanks in advanced
- Jordan
There is a reason the clones are so cheap, that reason being their manufacturers provide no support of any kind, including parts. Search Google, and you may get lucky. I personally wouldn't bother and would instead get a device from a reputable manufacturer.

Moving to the Off Topic forum, as this isn't a tablet question.
For the benefit of those reading this thread, this reply was directed at a post from a now-banned user regarding Galaxy S6 clones.

Obviously, you haven't looked at reviews of these clones. I have, and compared to the real deal, the clones are absolute crap. Especially given there are decent devices available from various manufacturers, including Motorola, LG, and Samsung, available at the same price point. Not to mention the fact each of these phones are backed by their manufacturers, meaning warranty service and most importantly, firmware updates.

A clone like the Goophone doesn't have any of that. It has no warranty support, and the company behind Goophone will never provide a firmware update. Then there are the intellectual property violations. A clone is not a good idea for a daily driver. It's best as that phone you mess around with and not care if you brick it.
looks lads not to be rude but im not here to discuss if a clone is good are not all i would like to know is where i could source a battery for it, the original battery is a 90mmx40mm and unsure of the thickness its either a 3mm or 5mm and is marked on it 1600mah 3.8v so where could i source one
please and thankyou
Two quick things.

1. You're not likely to find one, as the clone manufacturers do not sell parts. In the second post of this thread I recommended searching Google, but also recommended getting a phone from a "real" manufacturer.

2. By posting "not to be rude" you are in fact intending to be rude. Rude and/or disrespectful behavior towards the moderator staff or other participants on this forum will not be tolerated. Consider this a warning.
ok im sorry i ment it in the way of to change the topic from the reviews of them back to the original question in matter, as for your response i have frantically searched google to no avail and as i mentioned a friend told me to try here as you might know where the best place to look was as i do not need the manufactures parts more just a battery so once again i apoligise
The battery is itself a part, so when I say the manufacturers don't sell parts that includes the battery. That said, does the battery have any numbers on it other than the mAh rating? If so, try searching Google using those numbers. But be prepared for the very real possibility that you're going to have to get a new phone.