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    Marshmallow, Assorted Bluetooth Issues

    My 6.0.1 Tablet seems to have fully-functioning Bluetooth, yet it does not "see" my new Viper VTooth Dartboard. My BB Classic detects it, so the dartboard appears to be working, but the phone is not compatible. I've seen various issues reported around the internet about Bluetooth dropping off...
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    My A83T-Based Neutab N11 Plus, General Discussion Thereof

    I like this budget tablet a LOT for a first look at Android. You have to hit the power button and walk away, but once everything's loaded it's pretty fast and smooth. I use "Droid Info" for what seems to be accurate reporting. Ok, I have a connectivity problem with my new Viper VTooth Bluetooth...
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    A Bluetooth Problem

    How can I fix the Bluetooth of my tablet? I own a Toshiba AT300 and it got stuck on "boot loop" because of the Bluetooth turned on. I tried fixing it the hard way by waiting for the home screen to start and swiftly turning the Bluetooth switch off and restarting it again to refresh. But, that...
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    Android Tablet w/Celllular+Bluetooth?

    Hey guys, I'm new to the board here and had a quick question for you. I am looking for a small android tablet which supports cellular networks and bluetooth capabilities. I have found a few online on Amazon, but am unsure of which will work in USA/Canada which is where I'll primarily need...