factory reset

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    iCraig Tablet Failed Reset

    Hello guys; im new to this website and new to these tablets. So, a friend of mine sold me one of these tablets, model:CMP801-BUN. She couldn’t remember her password, so I looked up online how to factory reset the tablet. I proceeded to do so; and it got to 61% before telling me there was a...
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    MediaTech - "Unfortunately File Stopped" Problem

    MediaTech android oreo tablet "unfortunately file stopped".I get 2 youtube and file manager at the same time. I have tried everything!! Down to factory reset at least 6 times. Thats the only choice I have the re apear is instant causing me to not be able to do anything but turn off and go into...
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    Factory Reset Not Working

    I have a Polaroid M10 tablet. And have followed the manuals way to reset it but it still ask for previous owners info. The problem is that the previous owner has passed away. How can I get it actually reset?