1. L

    Firmware of inet-u708-rev03 please

    Hi, I need the firmware of inet-u708-rev03 since it does not appear anywhere. Thank you
  2. Hotsuma

    Zeki 10.1" (TBQG1084NB) - Need Firmware

    Zeki 10.1" Quad Core Tablet with 8GB, 1GB RAM, Android 4.2.X Jelly Bean This tablet is stuck in a permanent boot-loop. The recovery mode is weird because when I boot into it, it won't let me do anything (it's frozen). After a while, it'll power down. I bought this tablet off of eBay years ago...
  3. B

    A20 Firmware

    Chinese android tablet, will not boot,never has. Simply displays a20 logo. Android repair screen can be accessed, but I have not been able to locate firmware to load, which I could load either by abs (microusb cable) or micro-sd card. Motherboard reads UY900 Ver1.12. I have Phoenixcard 3.06...
  4. R

    ADSPEC Adtab 7 Lite TJ-A23-Q88-V4.1 Firmware

    Hi im after the firmware for the adtab TJ-A23-Q88-V4.1 I have tried TJ-A23-Q88-V4.0 but the screen resolution is wrong and displays smaller than the actual screen size running 800x600 needs to be 1024x600 any help appreciated thanks
  5. LuisEHD

    1089 WM8880 Netbook Firmware

    Hi, Buy this netbook but I need the firmware. Where I can download? CPU: VIA 8880 Dual-Core ARM [email protected] GPU: Mali-400MP2OpenGL ES2.0 Open CL1.x,DX9_3 RAM: 1G DDRIII Storage: 16G LCD Display: 10.1” TFT Digital, 1024×600, RGB666 Digital interface; Wireless technology: 802.11b/g/n...
  6. S

    Help! 0 Memory Problem

    Hi, so, i dont know where else to ask this but... I have had this PLT8235G PROSCAN Android Tablet for a whial, and my sister broke it... what happened is, if froze on blue screen every time i turned it on, and i had to let it die, or hit the rest button. BUT i DID fix that problem, i flashed it...
  7. K

    What Firmware Is RCA Maven Pro Currently Using?

    Hi everyone I just purchased a rca maven pro brand new off ebay. I was following the included instructions and it says to update the firmware. When I go to update the firmware it says tablet is currently up to date. Anyone that's has a rca maven pro can you please tell me what firmware you are...
  8. R

    Need Firmware For Tablet (MT8312)

    Hi, Need Firmware tablet MT8312 Brand Zoom elink-mc706-d2-v3-2014002 E213371 BM1– ways to solve issue in tablet software or hardware My tablet stuck at Android Logo... Please help..