1. S

    Locked on Bootscreen Kyoto M700A MID Tablet

    Hello all, Have been given a duff tablet to try and sort out. It's a Kyoto M700A MID (chinese iPad knock off) & it is locked on the boot up screen with "Kyoto" and the build number etc in the bottom right corner. Android OS - 2.2 Kernel - 2.6.32 Build Number - V1.5.0 I have attempted to lift...
  2. oliverosM

    How To Update CWM to New Version

    My Tab 2 is the GT-P3113 and it has the cwm and i want to update it to a newer version but i read in some places that not all versions of cwm are compatible with the tablet. so if i want to update what version of cwm do i need and do i just flash it. thank you in advaced
  3. A

    Coby Kyros 9742-8 Help

    Hi guys sorry for my bad english ok lets go i try to flahs this tablet model but.. i very stupid person.. and dont make a copy of my rom.. ok in the first install i try install mobiz 9742 v2 rom but .. the system dont work, boot perfect but dont display any image after the android logo...