1. fashionluo

    [Review] Alldocube Free Young X5

    It doesn’t take much insight to notice that the market of Android tablets is shrinking. With phones getting bigger, laptops and convertibles getting thinner, tablets becomes less of a necessity for the majority of consumers. With many of its competitors disappearing, Alldoube, a.k.a Cube, a...
  2. A

    Advice For A 6.0-Inch Phablet Around $100?

    Hi all, my iPhone 4S is really old and I am getting sick of the small screen of it. So I want to try an Android smartphone with big display this time. The display size should be 6.0-inch and above. And the price of it should be around $100, not over $120. In my daily life, I use the phone to...
  3. O

    How to Remove Android/Trojan.Gedma From Dragon Phablet

    Hi, somehow I got a trojan that keeps adding apps to my phablet. I have Anti-Virus 360 and Malwarebytes installed. Both programs find the trojan, but both cannot remove it. Says UNINSTALL UNSUCCESSFUL. How do I get this off my phablet? It keeps installing apps and I keep deleting. Thanks.