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    Samsung Tab S 10.5 - Very Slow To Charge/Doesn't Hold

    Hi! I hope you guys can help me! My Tab S is REALLY slow to charge - can be left on it's charger all night and only increases percentage charge by 4-6% - if it's unplugged it decreases rapidly and even just looking at FB or Gmail whilst it's plugged in causes a decrease in charge. Means this...
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    Locked on Bootscreen Kyoto M700A MID Tablet

    Hello all, Have been given a duff tablet to try and sort out. It's a Kyoto M700A MID (chinese iPad knock off) & it is locked on the boot up screen with "Kyoto" and the build number etc in the bottom right corner. Android OS - 2.2 Kernel - 2.6.32 Build Number - V1.5.0 I have attempted to lift...