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    [RECOVERY] TeamWin Recovery Project 3.2.3

    This is the Team Win recovery version 3.2.3 for Lenovo IdeaTab A2109: twrp-recovery-3.2.3-201812014.img (MD5: c442d114d766741eb3d2d113ec5474f8) Thanks to sudokamikaze and clamor who have greatly helped me with the first builds, necessary board file changes and sizing down both the kernel and...
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    Factory Reset For EWT935DK?

    Hi there! I have an EWT935DK which is locked out requiring the previous owner's Windows account password. I am trying to completely wipe the tablet and return it to a usable state but there is no information in the manual or internet about how to do that. There is no reset button or paper clip...
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    Help to unblock Trio Tablet

    Hello, I have an android trio stealth g4 7" tablet. I recently tried to install a custom rom using the clockwork rom manager but it seems that rom has corrupted the device. The device starts up and won't load past the Trio :) splash screen. Is this a soft or hard brick? I tried to get into...
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    How To Recover Deleted Photos?

    Anyone knows how to do it? I got a bunch of valuable photos accidentally deleted by my little child. Is there a way to restore them? thx