1. ZEEEst

    How to recover photos from a tablet after accidentally formatting an SD card?

    Hello, I have an unfortunate incident. The samsung 64 gb sd card from my tablet is not working. There were important materials on it. The card is not displayed in the tablet itself. If you connect the card to a computer, the system says that the card is damaged and needs to be formatted. After...
  2. P

    [RECOVERY] TeamWin Recovery Project 3.2.3

    This is the Team Win recovery version 3.2.3 for Lenovo IdeaTab A2109: twrp-recovery-3.2.3-201812014.img (MD5: c442d114d766741eb3d2d113ec5474f8) Thanks to sudokamikaze and clamor who have greatly helped me with the first builds, necessary board file changes and sizing down both the kernel and...
  3. P

    Factory Reset For EWT935DK?

    Hi there! I have an EWT935DK which is locked out requiring the previous owner's Windows account password. I am trying to completely wipe the tablet and return it to a usable state but there is no information in the manual or internet about how to do that. There is no reset button or paper clip...
  4. I

    Help to unblock Trio Tablet

    Hello, I have an android trio stealth g4 7" tablet. I recently tried to install a custom rom using the clockwork rom manager but it seems that rom has corrupted the device. The device starts up and won't load past the Trio :) splash screen. Is this a soft or hard brick? I tried to get into...
  5. S

    How To Recover Deleted Photos?

    Anyone knows how to do it? I got a bunch of valuable photos accidentally deleted by my little child. Is there a way to restore them? thx