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    Android Tablet Stuck On 'Unfortunately, Games Has Stopped'

    SWMBO's TabExpress android tablet has started to play up and is now just showing the window: Unfortunately, games has stopped. Athough other menus appear behind this window, it seems impossible to turn it off. Pressing the 'ok' script on the screen turns off the window, only for it to reappear...
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    Factory Reset For EWT935DK?

    Hi there! I have an EWT935DK which is locked out requiring the previous owner's Windows account password. I am trying to completely wipe the tablet and return it to a usable state but there is no information in the manual or internet about how to do that. There is no reset button or paper clip...
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    Proscan Tablet PLT 8233G

    I have forgotten my password and need to factory reset. I've searched the internet and found several sites but I can't get the screen to come up that I need to reset.