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    Screen Contrast Adjust Impossible?

    I just bought a tablet (Huawei Mediapad T5), it works fine, great display, great colours, great contrast... Too great sometimes. Many videos and pictures on the web suffer from this huge contrast, dark areas are too dark and one can't tell the details. Lowering brightness is useless. But there's...
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    No Control When Using HDMI Cable

    I have a Hyhundai Hera 10.1 and recently thought I would use my TV so bought a HDMI cable. When I plug this is the tablet screen goes black and the Tv mirrors / duplicates the tablet. Great, but on touching the tablet screen no cursor appears or control. Does the touch screen stop when...
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    Tab 4 Screen Too Dark

    Hi all, new on here but use lots of tablets so will find the site useful and hopefully can contribute too. Nice little tricky one here... We have a Samsung galaxy tab 4 but the screen is so dim we cannot use it. We are unable to access the tablet as it has a pin number but the grid is not...
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    Rooted Acer Iconia Tab 10 stuck on reboot screen

    My brother recently bought a tablet off of his friend and after doing a factory reset, he discovered it had been rooted. He's stuck on the reboot screen. He doesn't know what to do now. Any help on his next step?