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    Digiland Tablet Stuck In Boot Screen

    Hi, I have a digiland 8 inch tablet (model no. DL1010Q) and i let it set for about 3 months and went to turn it on and it started, but never left the logo/boot screen. I've done about everything i can in the recovery and chinese menu's (factory reset) and it still hasn't changed. Any help...
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    Android Tablet Stuck On 'Unfortunately, Games Has Stopped'

    SWMBO's TabExpress android tablet has started to play up and is now just showing the window: Unfortunately, games has stopped. Athough other menus appear behind this window, it seems impossible to turn it off. Pressing the 'ok' script on the screen turns off the window, only for it to reappear...
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    Rooted Acer Iconia Tab 10 stuck on reboot screen

    My brother recently bought a tablet off of his friend and after doing a factory reset, he discovered it had been rooted. He's stuck on the reboot screen. He doesn't know what to do now. Any help on his next step?
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    Stuck on android logo.

    Hello,well I've had a vision tablet for now almost a year and been two days it suddenly wouldn't get past the android logo and stays stuck on it for hours until the battery dies and it goes off,I've tried to look it up on youtube and tried pressing the power and the volume up but nothing would...