tablet problems

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    How can I fix when the touch aspect of the touchscreen doesn’t work?

    My tablet dropped down. but the screen isn’t damaged. However, now it doesn't work. What can I do to resolve this?
  2. A

    I want a (symbol )barcode scanner to work with Chinese tablets

    I have a barcode scanner (Symbol) works fine with android devices like Samsung,.. but it doesn't work with my newly bought Chinese TCL Tablet, I need a solution to make it work with the TCL Tablet thanks
  3. L

    A Bluetooth Problem

    How can I fix the Bluetooth of my tablet? I own a Toshiba AT300 and it got stuck on "boot loop" because of the Bluetooth turned on. I tried fixing it the hard way by waiting for the home screen to start and swiftly turning the Bluetooth switch off and restarting it again to refresh. But, that...