1. S

    How To Make This Thing Work?

    Excuse my ignorance, but I just picked up a refurbed Samsung GS tab S and can't connect to WIFI. It's saying I need a SIM card (didn't need one for used iPad). I just want to connect to WIFI, not use this thing as a phone. Do I need a SIM card just to use this as a WIFI device?
  2. D

    Tablets Won't Join Network

    I have 8 Android tablets running Mobile Sheets Pro. I'm a lifelong Mac user so excuse my ignorance. I'm using Mobile Sheets Pro app. It has a Master/Slave function where I can control page turns and song selection on everyones tablet. When I'm on my home network, all the tablets can join my...
  3. lindum

    Adding A USB Port

    Hi I have a IROPRO 10in Android Tablet (a bit low budget) which doesn't have a standard 2.0 USB port or though it does have a micro port which doesn't really do any thing except connect the tablet to my desktop computer, but doesn't register the connected WiFi dongle. I want to add a USB port...
  4. S

    WiFi Won't Turn On After Deleting Something from Android Root Directory

    If you're reading this, I hope you can help me. :( Recently, my tablet randomly disconnects to my home network. Because of that, I searched for a solution on the internet but I was dumb enough to follow a certain website's instructions to delete the following root directories: data/misc/wifi...
  5. A

    Tablet ate my wifi passwords. How does this happen?

    I have an ASuS Memo Pad 8. In the past, I'd enter a password once for wi-fis, the tablet would remember it, and every time I went near that particular wifi, it would automatically connect. Somehow, overnight, it has lost every single wifi I've ever connected to, which is about 15 of them. I...