10 tips for better battery life for Android phones (and tablets)


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Mar 24, 2011
Summary: Battery life on Android phones is better than it used to be but it can still sometimes be a chore to get through a busy day with juice left in the tank. These tips will go a long way to get you safely back to the charger.

By James Kendrick for Mobile News |June 25, 2013 -- 10:55 GMT (03:55 PDT)

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How to get more battery life out of Android phones (and tablets)

In the early days of Android it was a real chore to reach the end of a busy day with battery life left. That's improved over time but it can still sometimes be difficult to get through a busy day without running the battery dry. Frequent business travelers in particular know how important it is to stretch the battery, as traveling can be hard on power usage. The tips in this collection can go a long way to help get through those days and safely back to the phone charger.

Many of these tips are simply common sense, but they are worth mentioning just in case. Plus, if they aren't mentioned some will wonder why they were overlooked.

In later versions of Android there is a nice power usage graph as shown above that is accessible via settings. It can help identify culprits that are draining the battery excessively should you notice the remaining battery seems too low.

These tips are specifically for Android phones, but most other phones likely have similar settings that can be tweaked for similar battery gain.