1Mobile Down

Sue Hotzel

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Dec 28, 2018
Hello. I have a Kindle Fire 7 which I installed One Mobile Market about a year ago. A few months ago, One Mobile stopped working. The home page won't load. If I try to search for an app, it says there is no connection. All my other apps work, so my internet connection is fine. I have even reinstalled the app, but no luck using it. My apps need updates, but they can't update. Help!


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Jun 16, 2012
Is 1mobile.com down?

It's not on your end, and the fact the home page doesn't open verifies that. 1Mobile has apparently been down since the middle of October, and that is often a very bad sign. If you really need to update your apps you'll need to search for an alternative.

Some additional information. According to the Whois data for 1Mobile, the site has a status where it cannot be transferred, updated, renewed, or deleted. Of these the renew status is the most troubling. According to ICANN, the governing body for Internet names, a site that cannot be renewed is uncommon, with the status appearing as a result of a legal dispute, non-payment of registration fees, or if the site is subject to deletion. Since the registration information for the site is valid until 2022, the owners themselves have not shut down the site: if they had there would have been some notice. Based upon the length of time the site has been down, I'm inclined to believe the site was shut down in a legal action of some sort. It's unlikely the owners would have not paid attention to a site with lots of users for so long, so I don't believe not paying the registration fees is the issue here.


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May 9, 2014
First off, Sue, welcome to the Android Tablet Forum. We're glad to have you here.

Hopefully you can find another app store. It may be that you'll have to install new versions of what you got from 1 Mobile. This article lists 30 alternative App Stores that may be helpful. The only ones that I can say that I've used are the Amazon App Store and APK Mirror.

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