3rd party apps not displaying maps from google


Dec 26, 2013
Huawei Mediapad stock ICS 4.0.3
Only real mod done Xposed Framework but no modules are active.

Any 3rd party app I try that uses the Google maps for it's map function won't show any maps in it.
Yet Google maps itself does. the Google is at version 6.6.
I know there's a newer version but when I update to that, when I try to open Google maps it shows a screen
that has a button "accept & continue". When I click it it shows a notification saying it can't connect to network yet everything else CAN connect to the network.

I don't really care whether the google maps works or not but I need it to work for where I do use it in the 3rd party apps.

Has anyone heard of this problem? Or has any kind of idea of what to do?