720p MP4 Sample Trailers - October 2012



It has been a little while since I posted up some movie trailers, so I dug up a few and converted them to 720p MP4 format.

Some of the trailers come from Youtube, but the majority of the trailers come from Apple's Movie Trailer website, located here: iTunes Movie Trailers

The trailers were converted using DVD Catalyst 4 using a 720p MP4 profile (Samsung Galaxy Nexus HQXT) with a CRF setting of 22, with Streaming enabled.

To play the trailers, just tap on the poster.

And some game trailers:

About DVD Catalyst:


DVD Catalyst 4 converts your movie and TV show collection (DVD, AVI, MKV, ISO etc) to great quality video files that are perfectly optimized to play on portable devices.


It includes pre-configured profiles profiles for 1000s of devices, including Apple's full iPad/iPod and iPhone product line (including iPhone 5 and iPad Mini), Amazon Kindle Fire (all models, including the HD and HD 8.9),the Barnes & Noble NOOK (NOOK color, tablet, HD, HD+), Asus Transformer (original, Prime, Infinity etc), all Samsung's Galaxy models, including the Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy S3, Blackberry Playbook, Sony Xperia, Toshiba Thrive, Motorola Xoom and much more.

DVD Catalyst 4 Features:

* DVD Catalyst 4 converts Movie and TV DVDs as well as almost all video file types, including AVI, DIVX, MPEG, M2TS, MKV, YOUTUBE and much more, without the need of additional software.

(Important note: protected video files, such as movies purchased/rented through Apple iTunes and Amazon Instant, or so-called “Digital Copies” you get for free with some DVDs and Blurays (“Digital Copy Included”), can not be converted.)

* DVD Catalyst 4 can convert Bluray movies and TV shows, with the help of programs like AnyDVD HD or MakeMKV.

(please have a look at the DVD Catalyst Bluray Guide for more information)

* DVD Catalyst 4 includes easily selectable profiles for all popular video-capable devices, and new devices are added on a regular basis. Just select your brand and device model, and you are ready to go.

A collection of guides for some of the most popular devices can be found in the Guides section on our website.

* DVD Catalyst 4 automatically adjusts the volume on all your conversions.

Different video sources have a different volume, and the biggest gripe people have with other conversion tools is that when they watch movies on their device, the volume is either too loud or not loud enough. With DVD Catalyst 4, you don’t have to worry about any of that. It uses a technology we call Volume Maximizer (gain), which adjusts the volume for each conversion you do to a certain maximum volume, so you will never have to adjust the volume ever again.

For more details have a look here.

* Free updates for as long as we are on v4. DVD Catalyst 4 gets updated on a regular basis to include support for new devices as well as new features. Many of the new features we add in a minor version (4.0 > 4.1) are enough for our competitors to require an upgrade fee, but we include them for free.

* DVD Catalyst 4 is DRM-Free, so no activation or license keys, so if you purchase a new computer, you don’t have to repurchase. As long as it is for your own use, you can even install it on more than one computer.

We don’t believe in DRM. DRM is used to prevent people from pirating software and videos, however, regardless of what method is used, pirates will continue to release cracks, patches or key generators, so in the end, only the people who actually purchase are the ones who are restricted by means of activation systems, forced updates and the likes.

* One App for Eerything. Many competitors offer same-style applications for different devices or slightly different functionality in order to force you to purchase a “Bundle” of multiple apps for a discounted price. Not only is DVD Catalyst 4 cheaper in price than a single application of such a bundle, it also offers most of the same functionality of such bundles. No need to purchase a DVD to iPad converter AND a Video to iPad converter AND a DVD to Droid converter AND a Video to Droid converter because you happen to have an iPad and a Droid. DVD Catalyst 4 includes support for (almost) all devices capable of video playback AND converts DVDs as well as all common video files, for one purchase.

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