9.7-inch iPad’s cloned in china


Jan 14, 2011
iPad has the advantage of display effects, the system runs smoothly, superior battery life and rich software. iPad knockoff start from April followed the footsteps of iPad. Various sizes and configurations of the iPad knockoff are endless. But in addition there is a clear price advantage, there is a big gap in capability. Today, this 9.7-inch iPad tablet computers, people have a new experience, the cottage can also make cost-effective products. Here, I will reveal the mystery of this iPad.

Processor uses Freescale iMX515, Cortex-A8 core, clocked at 800MHz. Configured with 512M DDR2 memory and 4GB FLASH memory, LG 9.7-inch IPS screen, 1024×768 resolution, capacitive touch screen. Support the G-sensor, Wifi, etc., 3800mAh lithium battery (about 5 hours), the system is used Android2.2. Size is 243x190x14.4mm, weight 690g.

This 9.7-inch Tablet PC has a biggest highlight that use of the same screen with iPad from LG 9.7-inch IPS screen, supports a maximum resolution of 1024 × 768, the screen is a capacitive screen, can support multi-touch operation. This compared to a normal LCD screen, it has brilliant color.




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