A Newbie Index To The Coby Sub-Fora


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Mar 24, 2011
A Coby tablet is often the first tablet for many people. For someone new to Android, new to tablets, new to Coby and new to the forum that can be a bewildering experience. Hopefully, this thread will be of some help to those people asking, "Where do I ask a question about my new Coby Kyros MIDxxxx."

Coby tablets are organized in the forum by the generation of the tablet as follows:

Generation 1:
MID7005, MID7012, MID7014, MID7015, MID7015A, MID7015B, MID7016
on Telechips TCC8902
with Android 2.1/2.3

Generation 2:
MID7022, MID7024, MID7125, MID7127, MID8024, MID8025, MID8125, MID8127, MID1125, MID1126
on Samsung S5PV210, Telechips 8803
with Android 2.2/2.3

Generation 3:
MID4331, MID7030, MID7032, MID7033, MID7034, MID7035, MID7036, MID7042, MID7046, MID7048, MID8042, MID8048, MID9042, MID9740, MID9742, MID1024, MID1042, MID1045, MID1048
on Telechips 892x, Allwinner A10, Vimicro VC882, Cortex A5
with Android 4.0

Generation 4:
MID7060, MID7065, MID8060, MID8065, MID9762, MID9765, MID1060, MID1065
on Amlogic AM8726-MX dual core Cortex A9
with Android 4.0

I'd like this list to remain as up to date and accurate as possible. If you spot any errors or have updates please add posts to this thread and I'll edit the list as we go along. Please don't ask questions about your tablet in this thread.

Thanks to trickbiker121 for checking the initial list.
Thanks to xaueious for the link below.

Edit by xaueious:
See list of all Coby tablets updated for Dec 2 here
If this list is still being maintained, the MID7046 is Gen 3 (Telechips)

It certainly is being maintained, thanks for the update kgb999. The MID7046 has been added.

BTW If anyone else notices anything wrong or missing, please post the information here.:rolleyes:
The MID9762 is a Gen 4 (Amlogic AML8726-MX). It was also sold as the Pendo PNDPP4MT9G3.


PS. Despite the confusing reference to 7033 and 7035 in its title, the following thread is actually about Gen 4's such as 7065 and 7060, so should be moved from the "Coby Generation 3 Development" section to the "Coby Generation 4 Technical" section (ideally, that should be the "Coby Generation 4 Development" section, but currently this doesn't exist) :

AMLogic Tablets, 7033, 7035, 7065, 7060, and So On: Repair Tablet from SD Card