Amazing Celtic Garden 3D Live Wallpaper


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Jan 5, 2011

If you are a big fan of graphically impressive live wallpapers you will want to check this one out. In fact, if you also happen to have one of the new 3D phones, this one is even more impressive. It is called Celtic Garden 3D Live Wallpaper, and it is from the same makers as Spring Zen 3D Live Wallpaper, another visually impressive wallpaper. Here's a quote from, DualBoot Games, the developer,
This live wallpaper features a verdant animated Irish forest with a charming fountain in the center. The three-dimensional dynamic scene includes animated water, shamrocks, cascading sunlight, and more. Tap the screen to cause fireflies and fairies to float through your garden in the full version.
Not only is the wallpaper visually stunning but is also comes with a large array of interesting custom options and configurations. You can alter the water flow, change the glow of the fireflies and make pixies dance across your desktop, among other things. Furthermore, this great product can be found on the Market for only $.99 cents! Have any of you guys tried this one yet?

Source: via TalkAndroid and Android Market
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Nov 22, 2010
It's cool and all, but surely we've got better things to apply ourselves to than staring at the walls?