Amazon working on five versions of the Kindle Fire 2


Jul 24, 2012
According to recent rumors spread by the authoritative Reuters, Amazon would want to market in future versions of its five new tablet Kindle Fire 2. It is unclear whether these different versions will have only the capacity of internal memory, or there will be something more.

Amazon with its Kindle Fire first tablet has found the goose that lays golden eggs. The market price of $ 199 has indeed helped a lot to fight the competition, including the leadership of Apple iPad, and very quickly became one of the best selling Android tablet ever.

The credit, however, is not only price, but also the high level of customization done by the technicians at Amazon Android operating system. For some it’s a bad thing, but it really was the best choice to try to offer less technology enthusiasts an alternative to the iPad. With a few taps in fact we can access various services of Amazon as the purchase of e-books and watching movies.

And the strong success of Kindle Fire could have prompted Amazon to create five versions of future Kindle Fire 2: Most likely will be made two models, one from another by 7 inches and 10 inches, with cuts of different memories, such as 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB.
More details about this will come in the coming months.
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First thing is the KF is not a Android tablet. It is a android based e-reader.
Even people in the business point this out but people still call it a android tablet.

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Androidfonefan said:
First thing is the KF is not a Android tablet. It is a android based e-reader.
Even people in the business point this out but people still call it a android tablet.

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I have to disagree with this, it is most definitely a tablet with a heavily skinned ui. While you are not going to run widgets without rooting the device, something you can do if you wish, I've found it is capable of running most any app you throw at it, with the ability to side load apps. Not sure what particular capabilities this device laks to disqualify it for tablet status. It certainly isn't the most feature rich tablet but really compromises are always made for low cost devices. If it is simply the fact that Amazon so closely tied it to their services then the ipad as well could not be deemed a true tablet.

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I have to agree with Andoridfonefan more than you on this one Tom T. The simple reason is that Apple locks the iPad into its eco system but also makes the hardware and software so it does absolutely everything. In the case of Amazon it is only using Android as the base and then modifying it to a proprietary standard (not just a skin). The Fire is not Google certified and does not come with access to the Google Apps nor the Google Play Store and no hope of being updated according to the standard Android OS releases. I think the differences are enough to disqualify it from being called an Android tablet. Even Amazon doesn't advertise it as an Android tablet. So yes it is a tablet but Amazon tablet would be more accurate than Android tablet.

I think this distinction is absolutely one that the average user may not know about but should consider when making any sort of comparison between the Fire and other "Android tablets."
I just think you are wrong here, I can root the Kindle fire, and install Ics even. Many Android chinese tablets don't come with official Google market but they are still android tablets. The fire can run virtually any app out there, and aside from processor specific such as Tegra stuff it does so quite well. Now I have a Sony ereader that runs Android, and I have rooted it and am running adwlauncher. Sure it has a Pearl e-ink display but I can run FB reader and various apps. Do I consider this an android tablet, no but the case could be made that it is.

No one's likely to deny the Nook Color has been a good Android tablet, and many people's initiation into the Android tablet world, but out of the box it was more of an ereader than you could ever make the case for the Kindle Fire as being one.

Another thing to consider, I have a Kindle Fire, and a number of other tablets, and find it a useful tablet, even productive running Office Suite Pro and Catch Notes with Drop box making up for the lack of external storage.

If what you are saying is that for a device to be a true Android Tablet it has to run Google Services, and not just run them but do it out of the box, then the Kindle Fire would not fit in that specifically defined category. Personally, and from more than six months of ownership and experience, I maintain that is a tablet (that runs a version of Android, and and therefore an Android Tablet) . But that is just my opinion, the value of which varies ;-)

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There was a pad that was sold not to long ago that had a black berry os or something on it. It did not run any flavor of android out of box. It was not a android tablet, BUT there was a ROM developed for it so that you could install Android to it. So does this make it a true Android tablet just because someone took the original OS off and put android on it.
Just because the media says it is a tablet does not make it so. If the industry surrounding the device says it is not a android tablet but a android based e-reader then I would be inclined to believe that.
Plus having owned the KF and using it side by side with a real android tablet I can say from my own experience that while the KF can do many things android, it is not a real tablet.
The question here is, where is the line drawn between what is or is not a real Android tablet. The answer is who knows? And I would think that since Android is Googles baby and Google does not give the KF its official blessing then for me that is enough to reduce the Fire to a android based device and out of the realm of official tablets.
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I think I can agree with your last statement that the Fire is definitely not an official, as in certied by Google, Android device. Of course it's probably fair to say Amazon had no interested or desire for it to be.
I've kind of thought of android in much the same way I think of Linux, open source and heavily configurable. To me if u throw a version of Caldera or Open Linux or whatever on a computer it magically transforms into a Linux Box.

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Lol I undestand that being a Linux user myself, and having turned many a pc in to linux boxes of any number of flavors.Currenly running Ultimate Linux 3.2 and 3.4.
And by this line of thought you could call them all Linux pads since Android is built on a Linux kernel. And buy this definition the KF and Android tablets and the Nook and any other device that has a OS based off Linux could be called a Linux pad. But since they are not Android, without Google blessing they are not Android tablets
A pc running Redhat Linux is a Linux based pc yes but it is not Ubuntu. By the same token Ubuntu is a Debian based Linux distro but it is not Debian Linux.

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This whole conversation is making me very insecure. I will now go and install Paranoid Linux on all my boxes, and have changed my signature to reflect my newly confused state of mind.....

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