Android 9 inch A13 tablet has been factory reset 3X and still has issues


Jul 26, 2013
I first started having issues with google play store not loading apps due to errors. So I factory reset twice as it went back to same issue. Then I had issues with play store not connecting stating it was not connected to internet even though I was connected. So, I factory reset again. Each time after reset it would work fine for just a few days only to have something else wrong. Now my tablet is stuck on the Android logo. I have tried to reset with volume up and down and on off button. But it only helps me turn the tablet off. When I turn it back on, it again gets to the Android logo and then is stuck there. I have tried for days to fix this issue with no results. Any help in would be appreciated. I am not that tech savy so please help in laymens terms if possible.

Thank You


Senior Member
Dec 27, 2011
Sorry to hear you were having such issues but is there any way you can exchange the tablet?