Android Otaku From NY


Jun 8, 2010
What's up everybody!!

I am new to the boards, but have been playing with my Android phone for almost 6 months now. I came from Blackberry (which I grudgingly still use for work) and refuse to turn back. In that 6 months I have gone from a casual Android user to a foaming at the mouth, rabid, Android Otaku. I have made many an iSheep jealous of my Android phone, and it is only a Moment!! :cool:

I have been a Linux user for almost ten years now, so going to an Android phone just seemed like a natural progression. Now it is time to start looking into a Tablet. The iPad is NOT an option, obviously, so it is either wait for a really nice Tablet or just get the Evo.

Wait, I am gonna get the Evo regardless!!