Apple v. Samsung Damages Retrial Concludes: Samsung Now Owes Apple $290 Million More


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Jan 5, 2011

About a week ago we reminded you guys that the 100 Year war between Apple and Samsung was still going on. This phase of the fight is the damages retrial. It just concluded and the resulting verdict came down in Apple's favor again to the tune of $290 Million. This means the total damages that Samsung will owe Apple have skyrocketed back up to around $900 Million.

To recap:
  • The original damage award was $1+Billion dollars.
  • Judge Koh later found that some of the damage numbers were erroneously calculated by the jury.
  • She reduced the award by about $450 Million, resulting in an award of about $600+ Million.
  • This new damages retrial started up about a week ago. Apple was asking for another $380 Million, but Samsung argued it only owed an additional $52 Million.
  • This trial now concluded and the Jury awarded Apple an additional $290 Million.
As a reminder, this is not the appeal trial for the final verdict. That trial is set to occur in March 2014. We will keep you apprised at that time. This war seems to keep bouncing back and forth. I stopped liking roller-coasters when I was a kid...

Source: AndroidPolice


May 5, 2010
I'm so sick of this. I have no great love for Samsung, but Apple is beyond belief. Here's their agenda: Steal, patent, sue. Ridiculous. I am so happy seeing their market share continue to drop. They'll always have their fanboys, but thinking people like choice.


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Dec 12, 2012
I totally agree. In the face of plummeting market share, Apple hopes to save face by at least being a winner in the courtroom.