Are there others that bought the Notion Ink ADAM tablet

I was just able to submit a purchase for one, and some pieces of the site were kinda confusing, one part for entering in my phone number (I'm used to just purchasing within the States, so I blame myself for that problem).

I wanted just a wifi version, but I couldn't select the normal lcd with wifi only, had to select it with 3g. Not quite sure how to get a sim card and activated, but I suppose I could just go to tmobile or AT&T for that.

Just waiting for it to ship, around Feb 25. Here's to hoping there's no problems!
I was gonna go for one, but I still haven't gotten a preorder mail. So I said screw it, and got a Nook color. But I still definitely want to see what will happen with NI over the next few months.
Check their blog. I think there is a link where you can register to get an email after February 14th.
I was in the 2nd preorder. I am getting a Pixel Qi with Wifi. I am in the 2-25 shipping time frame also. I am looking forward to getting this as I think it has the best hardware in it for what I want.
This isn’t coming from a high-profile outlet with deep distribution channels. It’s coming from a start-up fueled by nothing but raw passion.
Mine has shipped and I'm hoping to get it next week, but I'm not holding my breath.

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I'll buy at least one LCD Wi-Fi only for my home automation system but not before it moves to honeycomb. I tried to purchase one during pre-order 1 but the site crashed, I tried during pre-order 2 but my CC was considered dangerous well fraudulent etc... but I'll purchase at least one. I follow Notion Ink since CES2011 but as I couldn't wait I bought the Xoom for all 3 of us.
This isn’t coming from a high-profile outlet with deep distribution channels. It’s coming from a start-up fueled by nothing but raw passion.

Agreed. There are good and bad consequences of this. My experience so far has been positive, though. Happy with my purchase.

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I love my Adam. I have my second coming in a couple of weeks. I bought Adam for the hardware. The software gets better and better each month,
Adam is best but you have to have a brain and know how to get the mostout of the hardware.

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I bought my Adam via Ebay in Germany. The guy had to swap to an apple thing. so, i have now a Adam LCD + Wifi + 3G. A great device, but I've gottah say a nightmare at the start. The only thin I could do was surfing the net. All my photos where deleted by the device itself,no matter if it was on a 32gb sd card or internal and no email. It just couldn't setup an account.

after a while and reading stuff on several forums, I downloaded the Beast ROM and installed it. Whopa, now that's what I call a change in behavior. So far, it seems to let my photos where they are and i'm suddenly able to receive email. With sending mail I'm still struggling, but that will come to. Surfing is a pleasure. It is super fast and great without any problems. Android-market and several other apps are easy to download and install. Looking at my photos is great. I even downloaded I-nigma barcode scanner. Great app and works supper.

under the line: youo should look at some other ROM's, ie Beast or AC1. It's worth it.