Astar y_3 (iRulu) 10" Tablet: Rooted, Now Factory Resets On Each Boot/Power Cycle


Junior Member
Feb 16, 2017
I recently got an iRulu X9 ten inch tablet. Standard generic all winner A33 running exdroid 4.4.2 (generic android 4.4.2)

After rooting,each power cycle or reboot will trigger a factory reset. I managed to hide my personal apps in the preinstall folder, but my personal data is wiped. I could theoretically flash the stock firmware, but would loose root and gain all the bloat ware.

I am needing to know if it is possible to edit the boot loader to skip the " first run " / "not first run" deal. Seems that it checks for alterations in the software an triggers factory wipe if it finds alterations anywhere, such as rootaccess etc..

Or, could I modify a custom recovery wit my build.prop/default.prop values???¿

Also, I suffered from the app closure bug with many games,mainly Mobile Strike where the app loads, open hhn crash's within two minutes. That's why I wanted root access in the fist place. So I could use a logger an in what caused that.....

Any help would be appreciated.