ASUS Fixes Transformer Dock Problems


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Jan 5, 2011

For those lucky few out there that were able to get their hands on the new ASUS Eee Pad Transformer, a very small unlucky few of them may have been experiencing some problems with their dock. Apparently, it was a minor glitch and affected very few users, but ASUS stepped up and took care of the problem quickly. The problem was software related so they issued a simple firmware update to fix it. Here's a couple of quotes from ASUS' UK Facebook page detailing the fix.
Eee Pad Transformer firmware update released - keyboard dock issues fixed. Don’t forget once you have updated the firmware on the Pad and rebooted, you must then also click on the firmware update icon for the keyboard dock (it will appear as a triangle in the bottom right of the screen). We completed the process on our test unit here with no problems.
Not all units affected. Some had connection problems (so the keys trackpad weren’t responding) and some weren’t allowing charge. The engineers are confident that the frmware update should resolve the glitches.
It's always nice to see a company stand behind and update their products.

Source: via PhanDroid