Barnes and Noble app suddenly not working

Dec 3, 2011
I have the 7" White PD Novel. When I go into the Barnes and Noble app I can see everything in the My Novel tab, but when I click on B&N Bookstore or B&N Library it pops up with "Sorry! The application B&N (process net.pandigital.reader) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." The button below this says Force Close. It was working fine until I took out the old internal memory card and copied everything over to a new one. Did I not copy things over correctly? How do I fix this?
im having same problems except i didnt have a memory card in it n still dont work ;so how do i get it back please help i can bring it up in my library but when i try to get it to go to the store it says it has stopped working .i really dont know what or how to get it to work again PLEASE
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