Best Free Apps?


Jul 28, 2016
Hi Guys,

I have Android Tablet. The version it has is 6.0.1.I am new to it. I want to know the best free software for the following.

1. Anti-Virus (with Firewall)

2. PDF Reader (with faster search results for Particular words).

3. Eraser (for secure erasing)

4. Free Space Cleaner

5. App Lock

6. Folder Lock

You may recommend any other apps which you have found useful.


Staff member
Jun 16, 2012
1a: I don't recommend using an anti-virus app. You may want some malware protection, so Malwarebytes is a good choice to install.

1b: Firewalls do not work on Android unless you set up your device to provide root privileges to whatever app you're using for a firewall. I personally don't use a firewall on any of my devices, even though I have root apps. If you must have a firewall, then AFWall will work just fine.

2. Adobe Acrobat. There are other options, but Adobe is the most full-featured app I'm aware of.

3. I don't use one so I can't recommend one. However, the Play Store does have a few.

4. SD Maid. However, you must be rooted to use some of its features. Other apps in the Play Store aren't worth the text describing them. More than a few of them have malware.

5 and 6. No recommendation, as I don't use either.

You may need a file manager. ES File Explorer was good once upon a time, but its developer bloated the app. For file management functions, Amaze and Solid Explorer are good choices.