Best place to buy real flytouch 3???


Dec 8, 2010
Best place to buy real flytouch 3?
I have mixed feelings about various 10" tablets. The ZT180 was ok, the Froyo Flytouch 2 was better & my latest purchase Flytouch 3 / superpad 2 is complete garbage. Only has a 3000mah battery, doesn't fully support the market & hdmi out is giving me audio problems.

Does anyone know where I can buy a real flytouch 3, with a real 6400-8000mah battery? eBay,Dhgate etc...your experiences?

I don't mind a few issues to fix, but I want something that stays powered on without being plugged in, I want something that will actually play movies on my HDTV & I prefer something that REALLY supports flash player.. ALL of the 10" tablet sellers on the net claim their android 2.2 device supports flash,hdmi, marketplace etc...they forget to mention the features aren't fully supported!

Doesn't have to be a flytouch 3.. just a decent tablet in the $200 range.
Is there a thread already created with user experiences for the various 10" versions on the market??

Thanks Ftanl
I bought the Flytouch II off of eBay but they also sold Flytouch III. look for the ones that have a user submitted picture and not the flashy crap that they advertise the features on.
I bought the Flytouch II off of eBay but they also sold Flytouch III. look for the ones that have a user submitted picture and not the flashy crap that they advertise the features on.

yeah, I purchased all of mine on eBay so far.. The problem is most of the eBay sellers, are selling the low-end flytouch/superpad.

I purchased 4 recently.. 3 arrived with buggy firmware, no flash Player, & the HDMI out to HDTV gives me perfect Video, but audio is distorted. The 4th one doesn't turn on & I've tried firmware updates etc....just doesn't want to boot, maybe a bad battery etc.. Will have to return it at my expense $50 at least for return Shipping..or I could cut my losses & open the sucker up to see what's going on, maybe upgrade the battery too..

My experiences with eBay & items from china have been hit or miss purchases.. Some good, mostly bad! I'm hoping all who reply can offer some advice on where to buy QUALITY tablets from China.. Take the guess work out of it for me, so I don't end up buying more door stops..

Thanks Ftanl
I just bought mine here Wholesale NEW Android 2.2 GPS 512MB 4GB 8000MAH Battery WiFi RJ45 HDMI FlyTouch 3/SuperPad Tablet PC 10 inch MID
Hi there, i have a real flytouch3 16GB with me. Bought it over the internet. 10" froyo, 6400mah power, real google market n support flash. Just received yesterday, open to surf some net n emails. Still on the factory screen protector, new piece in box. So its as good as new n u can be sure its a working item. Bought it at $340, but i can let go at $270. Nothing wrong with the set, its an excellent piece, just that i'm gonna receive an ipad!! Genuine transaction here. Give me a call 9773 seven two 77 if anyones keen. We can discuss over it
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there is not bad.
I bought it (Wendsday) The price starts whit 185$, i take the extra memory and the Case/Keyboard Bags.
I hope, i get it in next week.
I found a real or fake Flytouch 3 Guide: Fake Flytouch 3 Guide: Superpad III, Jpad Sawee10 Beware - Android Forums

iBex 16gb Flytouch 3 have "real" 8000mah batteries (iBex originally launched the Flytouch3) - non-IBex ones tend to only have 3000mah to 6400mah batteries.

Basically, if the description does not have a picture of the packaging, you need to ask the seller to show you a picture of the packaging / box. If it says Flytouch 3 on it then you are probably getting what is being advertised as Flytouch3.

If not, it is Superpad III / or Jawee10 which are considered FT3 Clones - though comperable to the FT3. There are several different firmware versions now so you will need to clearly be able to identify the make / build of your tab.

I kind of wish if sellers were selling the Superpad III varient they would just say so. This way people would not be so confused and feel cheated when they receive a sub-par tablet. Also, if people know what they are buying / have they will know what firmware to upgrade with.
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this site is ok

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