Big problem with HaiPad M701


Jan 16, 2011
Hi people i am new to this forum and i have a very serious problem with my haipad android 2.1 M701.

It was working great until i decided to update my device with the 2.2 firmware from During the update my device had went off cause of the battrey and when i tried to restart the device it only showed and stopped on the first picture where a young girl is looking to the android logo.

I tried to re updated with its original firmware by the FWDC but it is useless because it is saying crc failed.

I also tried to use the android sdk and it is also useless.

Thanks Chris

Can anyone please tell me if there is another way to update or to reset my device to its original state?

Sorry but i am new to this device.
Did you ever get this problem resolved? I now have the same problem. If you did can you tell me how you did it?
So you were running on battery power, rather than the wall outlet, while doing a firmware update?!