Bunkey by Ballena Bay 4iLab


Apr 18, 2013
See! On the horizon, someone is building another bunker ....
Take your time! After all, this is not trivial, "shooter", and action-workout for your mind!

You have to take a tough bunker from which will accurately aim at enemy positions. Forces will be compared to the three specific sectors. Take turns with your opponent you direct artillery, infantry, armored division to any of the designated areas. And if that is where disklokatsiya enemy, you gain the victory in the match. The sad fate awaits your squad when the other player guesses where you put it.
The main objective - to destroy the enemy bunker first. Number of participants is limited, so the battles can last indefinitely. Improvements allow to strengthen the army and the rear and you and your opponents. A complete lack of allied forces to be constantly on the alert. Feel the adrenaline rush of a soldier!
Battles will take place on the field, which is divided into three positions. Be smart, building a strategy to fight!
Improve the bunker, making it inaccessible to enemy fire!
Everyone is tired of the war. But we must go on! Procrastination will cost you a serious loss of soldiers and the destruction of your refuge. In the endless shootout prove your superiority!
Make your selection on what troops go into battle by clicking on one of the three icons on the map.

download https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.forilab.bunker
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