can't undo the screen freeze from factory reset

Oct 27, 2011
I just performed a factory reset using the Privacy setting function in the Android settings. Once I selected to reset (erase everything) and start from scratch, the screen has now freezed up and continues to say "factory data restoring". This has been showing for the past few hours. I have ried to use the reset pin, but once i turn the device back on it goes right back to the same screen "factory data restoring". What can I do w/o sending it back?
Did you ever get a solution to this? I just got mine yesterday and have the exact same problem. (It's currently in it's second hour.)
I'm going to keep looking around everywhere as having to pay return shipping isn't first on my list either. If I find any information, I will return and post it. Please do the same even if you don't find your answer here at this forum.
Thank you.
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Ok, the problem is a Firmware one. Apparently, the differences between Androids, (Cheap Vs. Expensive) Are versions of this.
I just fixed mine, (1 hour since previous post)
I'm also going to include the links.
1. You are going to be flashing your firmware with your SD card, so,
1.a Take your SD card, hook it up to your computer, erase everything on it, do a quick format, stop.
2. Got to this link and download :
3. Save it somewhere, (The ROM is a good one, brand new, bug fixed regularly, etc.)
4. Choose to extract the "7z" (unzipps w/Windows) to your drive that has your SD card. (Just make sure there's a folder named :wmt_scriptcmd
5. Safely remove hardware to safely remove the SD card from your computer. Remove SD card
6. Make sure tablet is turned off, Mine didn't really turn off until I hit the "Tiny little reset button in the tiny little hole on the side" I did it while turned on so I know it did it. Turn off tablet.
7. Insert SD card with new firmaware.
8. Turn on tablet.
9. Enjoy your cool new device!!!!!!

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Gotta go get an OS now before I can actually use the fix below. Be right back with those results and links.
Oopps. I missed a step myself..

RUN THE "CHANGER" once the firmware is on your sd card, but still connected to the computer. Find and choose your specific device (Mine was a VIA wm8650)

Now pick up at #5.

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