Coby Kyros Mid 7015 update zip file help needed!!!!


May 27, 2011
I have attempted three times to get the file loaded onto my Coby Kyros Model MID7015 Firmware: 2.1-update 1 Kernel Version: 2.6.29 Root Android 2.1 Build Number: MID7015 1.6a_20101129-1 to no avail. Please help me, these are the steps I've taken. I tried to drag and drop onto my Coby that didn't work. I had to go to Factory Data reset my Coby to like new coming out of the box again. 1. Again, I downloaded Coby file to My documents, and on my Maxtor External 1 Tera hard drive and downloaded again in my e-book files. 2. I plug my Coby onto my computer using the USB cable. 3. I have to go through the Start>My Computer to find the file in My documents. 4. The settings on my SD card & device storage reads Total space: 7.39GB, Available Space: 7.39GB, Unmount SD Card, Format SD Card, Nand memory: Total Space: 2.72GB Available Space: 2.72GB, Unmount Nand Memory, Mount Nand memory, Format Nand memory.

I click the grey bar at the top and check the USB connected (External)> mount it shows ! and two tree symbols (what I call them). The SD Card Total Space: Unavailable Available Space: Unavailable. Now, I open up Start>My Computer>Devices with removable storage only shows Floppy A, DVD Drive E, Removable Disk G. Other: mobile device.

My computer doesn't recognize my Coby... Help! I've read several messages in the Coby forum but my questions don't seem to be addressed. Thanks in advance for all your help...