Copy From SD-card directly to external HDD Sony android tablet


Feb 11, 2013
Hello ,

I'm an owner of the Sony Tablet S1.
I want to take my tablet with me on vacations so I can put my SD card from my Canon camera in my tablet to backup the photos onto my external HDD.
I have a internal card reader , I have an mini usb ( with an otg cable) so I can hook up my 250GB external HDD.
I can copy files from my external HDD to the tablet with file transfer and File manager HD and vice versa.
I can copy files from my sd-card to the tablet with file transfer and File manager HD and vice versa.

My tablet reads the SD card and the external hdd but I just don't find any app where I can copy files from the SD-card directly to the external HDD.:confused:

Is there a good app / file manager which I can use to solve this problem ?

Thanks in advance !


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Dec 27, 2011
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I certainly haven't tried this but if you can see both at the same time you should be able to cut/copy/paste from one to the other. I know I can do it from the SD card to a network hard disk and back again. Maybe try a different file manager. Might I suggest ES File Explorer.


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Oct 25, 2012
another one to try is total commander, I was looking for exactly the same solution, it is not elegant, however, sd card from camera into tablet slot, or data from camera sd card (if it is a normal sized one) copied to tablets sd card, then attach powered external hard disk and copy out to that from tablets sd card getting to grips with the apps user interface is the hardest thing but it works I'm glad to say