D2 Pad - Nabi Bumper cover fits the D2


Mar 14, 2012

FYI...I picked up a blue "Nabi Bumper" cover, and it fits my D2 (DII 1.2GHz model) very well. I know the DII and D2 tablets area different internally, but the case dimensions are almost the same.

DII - 194 x 120 x 9.9 mm (7.6 x 4.7 x 0.38 inch)

D2 - 192 x 116 x 9 mm (7.6 x 4.6 x 0.35 inch)

Almost none of the buttons, AC plug, earphone jack, etc. line up, but I'm more concerned about protecting the D2 while my kids play with it. Some modifications could probably be made to the cover to allow for buttons and plugs, but I'll worry about that later.

I got my Nabi Bumper on closeout at Toys R Us. I think it's for original Nabi tablet???, but the box doesn't specify. It has a 2011 copyright on it, so it is probably for the original. One blog I saw said the new Nabi 2 tablet is a little bigger than the original???

I saw a few of the new Nabi 2 Bumper boxes at Walmart, about 29.99 each, and they look different. I also saw them on Amazon for the same price.

If DiabloTek would team up with someone and make a silicone bumper for the new D2, I think they would have a huge winner. Between Amazon, Micro Center and Big Lots, they seem to have a good retail channel in the works. Give parents the option of purchasing a protective bumper, and I think they would chose the D2's even more over the 149.00 - 199.00 Meep, Tabeo, Lexibook, and Kurio tablets!

$Nabi bumper 01.jpg$Nabi bumper 02.jpg$Nabi bumper with DII 01.jpg$Nabi bumper with DII 02.jpg