Does T-mobile $10 dumbphone internet plan work on S7?


Feb 4, 2011
I currently have a Nokia Nuron on 2-year contract with T-mobile (in U.S.). I got the phone in Sept, 2010. At that time, the T-mobile rep added $10 unlimited internet.

I can surf the net unlimited on Nuron including youtube.

2 weeks ago, I moved my sim card to a Huawei T-Mobile Comet (IDEOS). The internet worked only for a few hours. Then it was shut down & redirected a T-mobile page asking to upgrade to a smartphone internet plan.

I moved the sim back to Nuron, the Internet worked again. Still paying $10 per month for the Internet.

I was wondering if I purchase a Huawei S7 from Best Buy & move the sim card to S7. Will I still have unlimited internet for $10? Does it help if I change the APN to

I use my N900 with the $10 dumbphone plan. If I use, I get prompted to upgrade, if I use, it works no problem.

I briefly tested my sim in the S7, data worked using (default) apn. I only had it in a couple of minutes though.

The Comet appears to be a T-Mobile phone, and in their system as a phone that require a data plan, hence the prompt to upgrade. My N900 isn't a T-Mobile phone, so it kind of slips through the system.

I don't know for sure how long the S7 will work, or if internet2 apn will work. I may try this weekend just to see.
OK, I decided to swap the sim card for the afternoon.

In the S7 with either apn, after a bit of fiddling, I get re-directed to the login page. Putting the sim back in my N900 and internet access is still there.

So, I wouldn't count on it working in the S7 with the $10 dumbphone plan.
Thanks, lemmyslender !

I guess T-mobile Comet & Huawei S7 could share similar IMEI numbers identifying them as smart Android devices.

I have the Nokia Nuron and the $10 data plan. I bought the S7 around Thanksgiving. I had to upgrade my data plan, then of course they made it so you could no longer have voice and data at the same time. I was able to go back to my $10 data plan on my Nuron. I wish I knew a way to tether the S7 to my Nuron, for it is very easy to tether with my laptop. I have not been able to find any info on how to do this. I ended up giving the S7 to a relative.
If you want to share internet connection with your Nokia phone and the S7 then joikuspot will do this for an S60 onwards OS.