Ematic EGP008


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Sep 5, 2016
I recently bought this off-brand tablet because it was over half off at my local hastings and thought it might be fun to mess around with and I went and got it stuck in a boot loop shortly after rooting.

It interestingly enough has TWO reset pins (accessible with paperclip) and one power button only. As of now my computer is unable to detect it although when it is connected via microUSB it pauses at the Ematic Logo where it would normally restart indefinitely (bootloop).

Was wondering if anyone has the stock ROM for this tablet handy as the Ematic support team is to eager to charge me to have they're "technician" look at it after multiple requests for the firmware.

Also any other tips on what I could try to get my PC to detect it or force re-format the device. I have an SD card handy that may be of use. The Tablet is

Ematic Egp008BL 8"Pro Series with 4.1.1 JellyBean

Thanks in advance

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