External USB Hard Drive APP Request


Jan 4, 2011
I have had my 10" SuperPAD (Android 2.1.1) Tablet PC for a little over a week now and I must say, "I'm Lovin It!". I have been looking on the "Android Market" for an APP that will allow the SuperPAD to recognize a USB Hard Drive or USB Memory Stik for file storage just like the SD Cards. Anyone know if there is an APP for that? I would like to be able to keep files on something more than a micro SDHC card. And, I would rather not have to mess around with "Rooting".

My only minor critisizm thus far is the weight of the SuperPAD, which catches up with you after reading several pages of a book. A built in "stand" like I have seen on some 7" tablets would have been nice. I'm sure I can find something from the chinese after market, on the internet.


Jan 1, 2011
Ive had mine for about a month, never had a problem inserting a 16gb USB drive to it. The file manager program that comes with the tablet doesnt have a problem seeing that flash drive. I currently have two microSDHC cards and a single USB drive connected, see's all three storage devices.

I have yet to connect an external USB HDD to it, but I suspect it should load up fine. There is a screw lead on the top of the tablet, used to connect an external GPS device, which if you dont use, could fit a mini-tripod. You would have to keep the accelerometer enabled in order to use that option.

Yes, I am second guessing the purchase of a 10" tablet as 7" seems lighter & easier to use, especially since I use it to watch videos on bus commute and 10" is just a tad too big. I'll probably get a 4" Android phone and use that for the commute, leaving the tablet for home use.