Flappy Clownfish


Junior Member
Mar 21, 2014
You've heard the flap, have you played the best?

If you think that Clownfish don't flap, you would be right! They swim and swim fast! Put on your flippers and grab your snorkels! Get this tricky little Clownfish through the spires of coral and score massive points when you zoom through the obstacles and pick up all the bonus items along the way. This highly addictive and challenging Flappy game will push you to the limits of your patience and then take you around again! The seamless game play and amazing graphics all add up to a fun and whimsical take on the original Flappy game. To play, you need only tap the screen and guide the fish on your adventure. Get in on the fun with the best features of any flappy game there is. Download today and keep this guy swimming!

Flappy Clownfish Features:

• Free game
• Awesome bonuses
• Fun and challenging
• Push-your-limits obstacles
• Great high definition graphics
• Fun high quality sound effects
• The best flappy app you will ever find

Get your friends and the fish-loving gamers in your life on board Flappy Clownfish. Flappy Clownfish is great for gamers of all ages and gamer styles. Bright colors and fun game play make this retro-style game a blast to play. See just how far you can get before you turn the little swimmer into sushi! Download today to challenge yourself to out swim you own high score!