Found cases to fit the Moonse 7001 aka aPad tablets!

Jul 15, 2010
I didn't see this mentioned but I took my coveted device on a trip to Best Buy and started trying every case in the building and found a perfect fit! The Barnes & Noble Nook cases fit nicely. It was nice to see an assortment of colors for guys & girls too. :D
I told Philip about it at MeriMobiles so hopefully he can get some in his store. :)
Dec 30, 2010
Hi TAG, This is my first post! You are saying best buy had a cover to fit the 7" Tablet PC WiFi Camera Android ePad aPad iRobot?

This is awesome news.. I have been everywhere including ebay shopping for something to fit my tablet. We purchased mines from my huband's friend. I had no clue the model or exact size until today when I found a photo of it on ebay :).

Thank you for sharing this information.