Google Nexus 7 Review Compilation


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Jan 5, 2011

Because the Google Nexus 7 was given away to attendees of the Google I/O 2012 Conference, there were a lot of journalists who already had their hands on the device before it was launched. Because of this there are a slew of reviews from around the web for the device. Instead of doing our own review, we are having a super blow out giveaway giving you a chance to win one of seven Nexus 7 devices (three for developers and four for regular members). However, even though we are hosting one of the greatest Internet contests ever, we still want to give you guys a good place to check out reviews of the device, so you can get even more excited about the new device you might win. We thought it worthwhile to put together a compilation of several different reviews from around the web into one spot.

For the most part the reviews that we could find are pretty glowing, and some even go as far as to say that the Nexus 7 could be the first real competitor to the iPad. We tend to agree. Regardless, there was a huge variety of perspectives and, of course, we couldn't bring together every article across the web, but here is the culmination of just a few chosen randomly from the large sample we found from a Google search. Overall, the thing that most reviewers were impressed with was three things: (1) the performance of the tablet, (2) the weight and general feel of the tablet, and (3) Jelly Bean. Some were a bit disappointed by the small storage space of only 8GB for the base model, and others were disappointed by the missing rear camera, but for the most part these were all considered minor issues, and didn't really detract from the overall great impression of the device. Here are the review links:

Quick quote: "This is the Android tablet you’ve been waiting for. Beautiful, detailed display. Handsome design and fantastic build quality. Jelly Bean feels like it was built for the Nexus 7. The first 7-inch quad core tablet, it has Porsche-like speed and agility."


Quick quote: "...Google and Asus have produced a very good tablet in the Nexus 7, one I can recommend."


Quick quote: "Like a bucket of water being used to douse the Kindle's flames, Google appears poised to reclaim any tablet ground lost since the introduction of Amazon's forked version of Android. It may not tread a lot of new ground, but the Nexus 7 is a solid performer and easily the best tablet a couple hundred bucks can buy."


Quick quote: "Google and Asus smack it out of the park with the Nexus 7, a terrific small-screen tablet that's an incredible value at $200."


Quick quote: "You can argue that the iPad is a better tablet, but is it really $300 better? As useful as tablets are, they're still kind of luxury items. $200 for a full-fledged, seriously-spec'd, fully-capable tablet is an absolute steal. Get it. Seriously."


Quick quote: "The Nexus 7 may not be the best tablet ever built, but its media savviness and low price make it a crowd-pleaser. For the vast majority of people, it’s more than good enough, and if you aren’t yet married to the Apple platform, you should be pre-ordering one now."