Google Play/Youtube app on Coby Kyros MID7036-4


Jan 5, 2013
Hello people. I've been trying to find a way to install Google Play on my device (MID7036-4) and I've already used the search bar of this forum but I didn't find anything useful. Maybe I didn't saw the thread while searching and if that's the case I apologize but it is a really massive forum.

Also, I'm really interested in the Youtube app, I would like to install it in my device and I would like to know if theres a way to do that even without using Google Play.

So there: Google Play and Youtube app for Coby Kyros MID7036-4. Anyone? Thank you in advance
What you want is this thread: If you typed out the full model number when doing your search that would likely explain why the thread didn't show in the search results.

For the record, it is possible to install YouTube without having the Play Store since the bulk of the Google apps are now available on Google Play and are not part of the Google apps packages. Just search Google for the APK file and sideload it (install it from the MicroSD card).