Google's Project Fi is Now Available Without Invite; Offer Includes Nexus 5X for Only $200


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Jan 5, 2011
Google's Project Fi is now available without an invite. To celebrate the new open availability, Google is also offering a very tempting discount for folks who sign up for the service and opt for the Google Nexus 5X smartphone to go with it.

Customers who sign up for the Project Fi service and purchase the Nexus 5X will get $150 off the regular price of the phone, bringing it down to a super-affordable $200 price. When you consider Google's Project Fi service could save individual plan holders a ton of money, this is a deal that might be too good to pass up. The offer is valid for only one discounted Nexus 5X per account, and officially ends on April 7, 2016 while supplies last.

For those who haven't heard the details about Project Fi, it is Google's own wireless cellular and data smartphone service. Project Fi is an MVNO which uses both T-Mobile and Sprint's networks in tandem for users to get the best signal strength. Additionally, the Project Fi compatible phones (the Nexus 6, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P) have special radios that allow them to seamlessly switch between Wi-Fi and the cellular network for both data and phone calls. This means you are frequently using Wi-Fi for data instead of the usage of your data plan.

The pricing for Project Fi is very affordable when you compare it to individual data plans from the other big U.S. networks. It is only $25 per month for unlimited calling/texting and is just $10 per month for every 1GB of data. You only pay an additional $10 per 1GB of data beyond the first, and Google will actually pay you back for any unused data in your plan each month. The average user on Project Fi uses about 1.6GB of data, leading to a typical price of just $45 per month.

Here's a link for more info: Official Android Blog: From “Hi” to Fi to “Goodbye” to invites: 7 things we’ve learned about Project Fi