Haipad M701 stuck in the cristmace scren.HELP!!!!


Nov 29, 2010
i have
Haipad M701 whit 2.1 android
256 MB of RAM
2 GB of HD
1.3 camera
HDMI exit...
Now when i truy to flash the firmware (my was bugi some of the things didnt work) any way i go on to put new FW whit FWDN but i get stuck whit a HAIPAD scren whit a litl girl and android.
Now the when i truy to re-flash FWDN rekognice the tablet and finish the flash scren go green but noting hapens i truy to restart tablet but again the same scene reappear and nothing hapen's.
I truy difrent firmware and the only whit 9.18 firmware scren appear whit the others FW scren goes black.
Any sugestion and any help are welcome.
Did anybody see or come across this or anyting similar?????
in advance tanks for any help.​
Dec 30, 2010
It sounds like the wrong firmware the only time it happened to me was when I flashed the Haipad m701 2.2 HY version when I should have flashed the non HY version of this firmware. The way I got out of it was to just re-flash with the original firmware that worked using fwdn prog again. I know this is an old thread but if someone comes through to this every little helps.